Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tonight, We Dance

I have FINALLY gotten a job offer in my field. I was seriously starting to think I would literally never get hired. The gig involves a level of discretion that requires I undergo a background check so extensive that it may take 2-4 months to be completed and for me to be given my start date but the bottom line is that I can see the light at the end of this broke-ass tunnel lined in low self-confidence and debt.

So knowing me I've already bought myself like 5 "congratulations" gifts, including the only necklace I'll ever need (post to come when it arrives Monday), classes to SPX Pilates at Pilates Plus Silverlake (which I start bright and early at 7am on Monday-I'm so serious about this getting into shape crap that I've started the Paleo Diet and straight up cut out sugar since I've become legitimately addicted to the point of -eek- consuming baked goods almost daily at one point), and a pair of summer sandals that contain silver foil polka dots and are sure to be ruined by the end of the season. Whatever. I'll be able to pay off my credit cards within a couple of months on the new salary, save up to help Mark and I get out of our tiny apartment with its filthy carpet (never again, my friends-forget cold feet and just invest in some good slippers and rugs), and finally be able to afford the kinds of things like regular hair cuts, bikini waxes, and good facial masks that keep people unlike me looking put together and sophisticated. Not going to lie-I will trade all of today's problems for the problems that come along with having a real job. A real job where I get to pee when I want to without asking permission and get a paycheck for that covers more than a tank of gas.

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