Sunday, July 31, 2011

Feeling Fruity

If you're wondering whether I'd wear this Piers Atkinson cherry headpiece, the answer is yes.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Trowel Applied Makeup Goes Mainstream

I can't say that MAC always makes the smartest decisions (you can read about the 'Juarez' controversy here), but there can't be too many people who won't at least chuckle at the upcoming Cindy Sherman-inspired makeup collection. It's genius-use an artist who is famous for exploring female imagery in our culture by pushing those representations to the extreme through caricatures that call into question just what we expect women to look like to sell us the makeup that perpetuates our idea of women as "perfect" painted ladies. It evokes the same sort of poking fun at one's self that Sherman is all about (especially since the characters don't look all that different from most of the makeup artists you see at MAC counters in malls across America). And it just so happens to allow them to sell us that makeup while being "in on the joke," and therefore not morally culpable for encouraging us to cover up our imperfections.

Even if I can't help feeling like the joke's really on us, I've got to say that I love my makeup and that this collaboration smartly uses the same saturated tones of Sherman's artwork. Plus, they get major points for actually putting out an ad campaign so true to Sherman's work aesthetic, knowing it's going to send so many customers who don't get it running in the opposite direction.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black Cat Bakery and Cafe

So by now it's pretty clear I'm a cat person on my way to being a crazy cat lady. I won't lie, despite the intoxicating images of muffins, individual pies, and creamy lattes that dominate the Facebook page for the Black Cat Bakery and Cafe, I actually went there because of the name. I don't often drive out west of La Brea unless you are offering me money, a shoe sale, or my daily dose of cutesy. Thankfully for all of you who aren't nerds, though, I'm happy to report that this place isn't covered in pink, kitties, and doilies; but is actually a beautiful, bright, airy little spot to grab a tasty lunch or breakfast. It's got a slightly rustic/modern vibe with the chalkboard menu, artisanal breads on display, and milk glass lighting contrasting perfectly with the stark black and white paint job.The environment is welcoming, with staff that is playful and helpful, and a set up that is perfect for those looking for a little more privacy too. Despite the fact that there weren't cats hanging from the rafters, or anywhere really, other than printed on their logo, this cafe is worth a return trip (only partially because the man behind the counter offered me a window seat, suggesting that having cute girls in the window draws more customers-I'm not all that cute, dear readers, but who doesn't like a compliment with their coffee?)

The menu ranges from your classical breakfast dishes of pancakes and omelettes done a little bit more sophisticated (think ingredients like shitake mushrooms, asparagus, and farro) to salads and sandwiches that are filling without being heavy. Intrigued by the mention of pickled shallots I ordered the crabcake salad, which was made quick work of thanks to that contrast of the acidic shallots to the buttery crab. In fact, I ate it before I thought to take a picture. Oops, bad blogger! I also grabbed a gluten-free pumpkin spice muffin, pretending that because it was gluten-free it was somehow healthier, though the addition of raisins and pecans does make it more muffin than cake-in-disguise. From the bits I've nibbled so far I can say that it is moist, imbued with tons of spice flavor, and definitely not going to last until tomorrow.

The three little two-seat nooks at the front of the cafe are great for privacy and people watching. 

I loved these milk glass light fixtures. 

Board by the restroom where you can rep your own black cats. 

Muffin soon to contribute to my muffin top. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Website Love

I have to say, I kind of hate Tumblr. Nobody posts image sources, which as a library student studying the importance of things like attribution just makes me go bonkers. It's a nice place to see what is essentially other people's mood boards in an exploded format, but at the end of the day I like my inspiration a little bit more toothsome. Still, The Glitter Guide Tumblr site is one I couldn't help but fall in love with, even though their actual website is a lot more satisfying when you have the time to take it in. A fun mix of images of sparkly things, bright colors, stunning editorials, and inspiring style-all without the typical pretension and try-hard attitude that tends to (or at least seems to) dominate the blogging platform.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flu Fueled Daydreams

Laying at home in bed on a Saturday night with the flu, I'm feeling pretty uninspired and blah. The only good thing about being sick, though, is that instead of trying on a million outfits trying to find one I like, I get an excuse  to curl up in the Peruvian alpaca wool blanket I picked up from Ten Thousand Villages a few years back. Every time I use it I am reminded how much I'm dying to visit Peru, which I'm hoping to do next year as a graduation present to myself when I finally finish this darn Masters program. Until then and until I'm feeling better, I will comfort myself with the world's softest, warmest, little blanket and these images of the amazing country it came from.

Peruvian textiles at a market stall.

Arequipa, Peru
Restaurant in southern Peru.

Lake Titicaca Reed Boats
Reed boats on Lake Titicaca.

Fancy llamas decorated in the style of the Aymara people.

Machu Picchu under fog with mountain peaks all around.

corpus christi, cusco peru
Procession outside the cathedral in Cusco.

Dalí en Lima
Quirky Salvador Dali painting on a building in Lima.

First two images by frinkiac on Flickr, third image by N2Joy on Flickr, fourth image by Wes Walker accessed on Allposters, fifth image by Nelrojar on Flickr, sixth image by Amauta Spanish, seventh image by Lorena Betta on FLickr

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Point Dume Cove

Mark and I had a lovely day at the beach yesterday. The water was clearer and warmer than I can ever remember for LA.

Yes, there was a shipwreck on the beach! Better to land in LA than Gilligan's Island, I suppose.

I took a walk to see what was on the other side of the cove-lots and lots of mini caves and rocks.

Pom pom beach hat. Somehow I still burned my nose...

Anyone who knows me can tell you I am not a relaxed person. I am a stressball, always thinking, often worrying, and rarely able to shut it off-but at the beach, I don't have a care in the world. Even though our normally deserted hideaway was packed (yes, this is packed for the cove), it was still a bit of carefree paradise.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Want These Right Now

Sold out KG by Kurt Geiger glitter and satin wedges.

Marc by Marc Jacobs panther print messenger bag, available at Ssense.

Fortune Favors the Brave totem shield ring, available at La Dama.

Alexander Wang crepe jacket, available at the Outnet.
Sea of Bees galactic beam necklace, available here.

Angela Monaco's pineapple crystal ring, available here.

ASOS sequin diamond sweater, available here.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Things I Will Always Be Obsessed With

Perhaps it's the idea of hiding, or making yourself feel as though you are free to be someone other than who you are expected (or expecting yourself) to be, but there's something very alluring and confidence-building about donning a mask. It's also just a lot of fun to play a character, something that is utterly foreign like an animal or something that doesn't exist at all. I got my first couple when I went to Venice during Carnevale a few years back and would love the bunny mask below for Halloween (or whenever I'm feeling particularly bunnylike...). While most of them are impractical unless you are a socialite going to lots of crazy parties, sometimes we all could use a little escape from reality.

Leather bunny mask by Tom Banwell

This ridiculous Tour de Force silk satin mask is perfectly mysterious and dramatic for a ball or secretly dressing up in your room and dancing around. Available (for too much green for me) at Shop Luna and Curious.
Love the humor of these painted masks.

Last image found here.

Does this even require explanation? Balloons are the perfect way to add fun, whimsy, and celebratory verve to any event. I mean, I'd have balloons to celebrate Fridays or a rainy day if it were socially appropriate and hope whoever came up with the balloon house concept in Up got a raise . Every birthday or balloon-justifiable holiday I'm searching the interwebs for an outside-the-box type or heading out to Vine American Party Store (party supply mecca, y'all) to get my fix.

Valentine's Day balloons this year. Don't try at home, driving was...not fun. 

Balloons for my 26th last year. 

Marcel Schmalgemeijer decorated dinner party I would have died to attend.

The most beautiful hot air balloon I've ever seen. Almost beautiful enough to make me forget I'd be standing in a giant wicker basket attached to an open flame in the middle of the sky. 

Hot air balloon photo by Jose Villa

It really pains me that Mark hates mushrooms. I've tried cooking with all types of varieties in hopes of coaxing him into changing his mind, but with minimal success. I know mushrooms aren't exactly the most flavorful food to be obsessed with, but it's really not eating them that attracts me. And it's not their "magical" properties, either, though I doubt I'd be disappointed with them. It's how they look and the images of woods, nature, and camping that they evoke for me. Plus, they're the perfect amount of woodsy without actually having to get my hands dirty...

Little toadstool kaleidoscope I picked up at Kellygreen Home, in Silverlake.

The mushrooms on Franklin and Rodney before their shitty new paint job.

Porcelain parasol mushroom hanging out on my sideboard.

Middle photo by lacymarie on Flickr.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Any Excuse For Ice Cream

Today was a scorcher. The kind of day where if I were still a kid, I'd be scoping out the street for the ice cream truck, dreaming of frozen treats. It also happened to be National Ice Cream Day, a day that must be celebrated (like all holidays devoted to sweets). Thankfully, being an adult means I could both drive to get instant ice cream gratification and decide to have it for dinner. I did just that at Pazzo Gelato in Silverlake.

They are practically always open and have a constantly rotating selection of unique flavors like pineapple thyme, strawberry mint, and cantaloupe for those who like their sweets refreshing; and more creamy varieties like Mexican chocolate, Thai tea, and espresso toffee for those looking to go all-out in their dessert indulgences. I tried espresso chip and almond fig, since even their smallest cups allow you to try two flavors-love that! The espresso chip had a deep, rich flavor that perked open my eyelids just like that first sip of morning coffee does, while the almond fig was a knock out with it's bits of what I'm guessing was Calimyrna figs and luscious almond milk flavor. I could hardly have celebrated any better.

Some visual treats:

One of Wayne Thiebaud's magical sweets paintings

Watermelon slice popsicle. Of course this is from Japan.

Cupcake wearing an ice cream cone costume, from Milk.

Watermelon image via roboppy on Flickr.

Deep Thoughts

Haha! Tiny Confessions sells prints that hilariously read our pets' minds.

Via Modern Cat