Sunday, July 17, 2011

Any Excuse For Ice Cream

Today was a scorcher. The kind of day where if I were still a kid, I'd be scoping out the street for the ice cream truck, dreaming of frozen treats. It also happened to be National Ice Cream Day, a day that must be celebrated (like all holidays devoted to sweets). Thankfully, being an adult means I could both drive to get instant ice cream gratification and decide to have it for dinner. I did just that at Pazzo Gelato in Silverlake.

They are practically always open and have a constantly rotating selection of unique flavors like pineapple thyme, strawberry mint, and cantaloupe for those who like their sweets refreshing; and more creamy varieties like Mexican chocolate, Thai tea, and espresso toffee for those looking to go all-out in their dessert indulgences. I tried espresso chip and almond fig, since even their smallest cups allow you to try two flavors-love that! The espresso chip had a deep, rich flavor that perked open my eyelids just like that first sip of morning coffee does, while the almond fig was a knock out with it's bits of what I'm guessing was Calimyrna figs and luscious almond milk flavor. I could hardly have celebrated any better.

Some visual treats:

One of Wayne Thiebaud's magical sweets paintings

Watermelon slice popsicle. Of course this is from Japan.

Cupcake wearing an ice cream cone costume, from Milk.

Watermelon image via roboppy on Flickr.

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