Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flu Fueled Daydreams

Laying at home in bed on a Saturday night with the flu, I'm feeling pretty uninspired and blah. The only good thing about being sick, though, is that instead of trying on a million outfits trying to find one I like, I get an excuse  to curl up in the Peruvian alpaca wool blanket I picked up from Ten Thousand Villages a few years back. Every time I use it I am reminded how much I'm dying to visit Peru, which I'm hoping to do next year as a graduation present to myself when I finally finish this darn Masters program. Until then and until I'm feeling better, I will comfort myself with the world's softest, warmest, little blanket and these images of the amazing country it came from.

Peruvian textiles at a market stall.

Arequipa, Peru
Restaurant in southern Peru.

Lake Titicaca Reed Boats
Reed boats on Lake Titicaca.

Fancy llamas decorated in the style of the Aymara people.

Machu Picchu under fog with mountain peaks all around.

corpus christi, cusco peru
Procession outside the cathedral in Cusco.

Dalí en Lima
Quirky Salvador Dali painting on a building in Lima.

First two images by frinkiac on Flickr, third image by N2Joy on Flickr, fourth image by Wes Walker accessed on Allposters, fifth image by Nelrojar on Flickr, sixth image by Amauta Spanish, seventh image by Lorena Betta on FLickr

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