Monday, July 18, 2011

Things I Will Always Be Obsessed With

Perhaps it's the idea of hiding, or making yourself feel as though you are free to be someone other than who you are expected (or expecting yourself) to be, but there's something very alluring and confidence-building about donning a mask. It's also just a lot of fun to play a character, something that is utterly foreign like an animal or something that doesn't exist at all. I got my first couple when I went to Venice during Carnevale a few years back and would love the bunny mask below for Halloween (or whenever I'm feeling particularly bunnylike...). While most of them are impractical unless you are a socialite going to lots of crazy parties, sometimes we all could use a little escape from reality.

Leather bunny mask by Tom Banwell

This ridiculous Tour de Force silk satin mask is perfectly mysterious and dramatic for a ball or secretly dressing up in your room and dancing around. Available (for too much green for me) at Shop Luna and Curious.
Love the humor of these painted masks.

Last image found here.

Does this even require explanation? Balloons are the perfect way to add fun, whimsy, and celebratory verve to any event. I mean, I'd have balloons to celebrate Fridays or a rainy day if it were socially appropriate and hope whoever came up with the balloon house concept in Up got a raise . Every birthday or balloon-justifiable holiday I'm searching the interwebs for an outside-the-box type or heading out to Vine American Party Store (party supply mecca, y'all) to get my fix.

Valentine's Day balloons this year. Don't try at home, driving was...not fun. 

Balloons for my 26th last year. 

Marcel Schmalgemeijer decorated dinner party I would have died to attend.

The most beautiful hot air balloon I've ever seen. Almost beautiful enough to make me forget I'd be standing in a giant wicker basket attached to an open flame in the middle of the sky. 

Hot air balloon photo by Jose Villa

It really pains me that Mark hates mushrooms. I've tried cooking with all types of varieties in hopes of coaxing him into changing his mind, but with minimal success. I know mushrooms aren't exactly the most flavorful food to be obsessed with, but it's really not eating them that attracts me. And it's not their "magical" properties, either, though I doubt I'd be disappointed with them. It's how they look and the images of woods, nature, and camping that they evoke for me. Plus, they're the perfect amount of woodsy without actually having to get my hands dirty...

Little toadstool kaleidoscope I picked up at Kellygreen Home, in Silverlake.

The mushrooms on Franklin and Rodney before their shitty new paint job.

Porcelain parasol mushroom hanging out on my sideboard.

Middle photo by lacymarie on Flickr.

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