Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I Will Always Be Obsessed With

I have pretty much made it my quest in life to take a photo in every one in LA. I still get pissed at bf that he didn't want to shell out the $7 equivalent to take photos in Japan. Ugh! Anyway, the black and white is as flattering as it is nostalgic and there is just something so magical about discovering a photobooth and stepping inside. There's also that little genius bit of having to crank out poses under the pressure of time that lends itself to goofy, adorable images. When I moved in with bf I framed a collection of all the pictures we've taken together and hung it in our bedroom.

Photos from the Short Stop, Bar 107, Cha Cha Lounge, The Standard Downtown, and The Hudson.

I took these at Mixville in Silverlake on what turned out to be a lame night out. But can you tell here? No. The power of photobooth.

I'm the daughter of a travel agent, had a passport before my first birthday, and used to beg my dad to take me with him when he went to LAX for work so that I could watch people leaving on trips and live vicariously through them. In short, it's no surprise that no matter how broke I am, I am always planning my next adventure. Thanks to my dad (who is a fellow wanderluster and encourages my disease) and spending a year of college living in London, I've been able to make a dent in my long list of must-sees. Peru, Turkey, Morocco, Thailand, and Tahiti make up the five countries I'd most be willing to risk exploding 30,000 feet in the air to visit.

Last year in a capsule hotel in Tokyo (totally for the novelty of it-bitches were loud as hell in that place!).

I don't remember whether or not I cared for carousels as a girl, but I love them now. From the traditional style of the Griffith Park carousel that inspired Walt Disney to build his own version, with its now well weathered horses, to the Crayola, cartoonish sea creatures on California Adventure's Triton carousel, I just have to take a spin when I see one.

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