Friday, March 30, 2012

Know Thy Enemy

See you in a few months ice cream. Until then, get the hell away from me with your tauntingly sweet scent. 

I'm nearly done with my e-portfolio and now that I have 17 whole days to work on my intro, conclusion, and statement of philosophy, I can breathe again and focus on every other part of my life that I've been ignoring since this project began. I haven't dusted anything in the apartment in so long I literally can't remember doing it, haven't painted my nails since January, have an inch of roots in my hair, haven't even straightened my hair in at least a month because the idea of spending 30 minutes on something so frivolous felt too indulgent, and feel fatter than ever (no, it's not actually true, but I'm at the highest weight I've weighed in many years and need to drop 5-8 pounds stat). So now it's time to pay attention to me again! Yay and hallalujah.

Which is what brings me to finally breaking my sugar addiction-and it is a full blown addiction at this point-by completely cutting the sweet stuff out of my diet in the ten days leading up to my mini trip with Mark to Palm Springs to celebrate getting my MLIS and his getting to take more than one day off in a row. It's going to be a long, hard road out of flabby body hell but I figure if I can find the willpower to survive it, I'll have loose pants in time for vacation and be less likely to wear a muumuu into the Ace Hotel's pool rather than a bikini. Once I get home, if there's more weight to drop I'll continue the no sugar shock, because while I have a sweet tooth and will always pick cheating with ice cream over french fries, I've somehow gotten to the point where it's cool to eat Sour Patch kids every single day like I'm a five year old. And no, I've definitely not got a five year old's metabolism. So wish me luck, pull any sweets you see in my hands from my grip, and let's home when I share photos on here of my trip that neither of us are thinking "should have cropped closer to hide that bedonkadonk/those hips/that extra chin."

Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Week In Review

So, most of my week has involved being chained to the computer, eeking out these e-porfolio essays while distracting myself with images of pretty clothes I don't need and picking up the million packages of Legos and Studio Ghibli dvds from the Post Office that Mark has been buying himself like he's making up for a lifetime of missed childhood Christmases (Remember this post? She definitely wants us to move by now!). Still, I managed to have a bit of fun with the perfect mix of window shopping, hanging out with good people, and one of the Village Bakery's addictive donut muffins thrown into the mix for good measure. 

I tried on these lovely Persol sunglasses while Mark picked up a pair for himself at the Optical Shop of Aspen on Melrose.

A multitude of skulls and antlers at Seven Grand, where I hadn't imbibed in at least a couple of years!

Mas Malo didn't have the intimacy I enjoy at the original, and I found the food and drinks to be a little less yummy, but I can't say the chevron walls didn't make my heart skip a beat and earn the Mas a few extra points.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Pop Culture Hipsters

While doing my semi-nightly perusal of Pinterest I came across this image of Frida Kahlo by Fabian Ciraolo:

 He's an artist from Chile who takes iconic people or characters and re-imagines them as current-day hipsters. It's entertaining to think about Grace Kelly with an eyebrow piercing or John Wayne with a full sleeve of tattoos and I love the floral, galactic backgrounds that add to the dreamlike quality of his work. 

 Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz-clearly we're not in Kansas, anymore. 

 Salvador Dali. I think this one is particularly spot on with the jacket, sinewy exposed abs, and belt buckle. 

Dapper Skeletor loses his unitard in favor of a polo and checkered suit. 

It's not all about pop icons though. A couple of my favorite other pieces:

Killer. I want this one for my home-the bow, the floral "eye mask," the hair. Like I said, killer. 


Francois Verkirk photographed by Hassan Havier. 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Stress As Relaxation

The Raven Spa's entryway-a beautiful spot, but one I didn't mind leaving behind.

I'm really not one for relaxation. Case in point: Mark wanted to tack me onto his semi-regular appointment for a massage last Tuesday at the Raven Spa in Silverlake and I practically begged him to let me not go. I begged this man to not pay for me to get a massage! I'm bonkers. But the truth is, the idea of having a couple hours of solitude to work on my e-portfolio (the only thing standing in the way of me getting my MLIS degree) that's due in exactly one month sounded so much better on the stress-reduction meter. He didn't budge. He told me I'd think of nothing and almost want to fall asleep. He told me it would leave me feeling weightless for the rest of the day. He, ladies and gentelmen, is clearly not me. Because I spent the bulk of that hour of getting twisted, kneaded, and turned thinking about when it was going to be over, perusing the next door Broome St. General Store, and what I needed to get done that week. Sure, it was nice, but the truth is, I think I'd get more out of a yoga class or spinning. I can't sit still without feeling guilty-the massage felt like an over the top, wild luxury. The other day Mark's brother asked me why I wouldn't consider going to a place like Hawaii for vacation after I mentioned our plans to visit Australia (already a semi-chill compromise of destination on my part), and it all became clear-I consider stress and the pressure of go-go-go to be living. Hawaii sounds so boring. Ha! I don't feel guilty about traveling the globe because while I'm gone it's hustle, hustle, hustle to experience everything I want to see-but laying on a mat for an hour? Panic. It may be that I'm seeking a fulfillment that I don't already possess (thanks, stalled career) but either way, I am slowly realizing that the more that's on my plate, the happier I am. Even if it means my back is a tangle of knots that require bribery and coercion to work out.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Love Letter To Etsy

I continue to be surprised at the wealth of fabulous stuff available on Etsy. From packaging supplies to extremely well-made clothing, and home decor that ranges from whimsical modern tat to classic vintage wares, there is really nothing you can't find on there. I took a break from visiting the site for a few months when finances where low and the pain of looking at so much coolness that couldn't be mine wasn't worth the ooing and aahing that a visit inevitably delivered. For whatever reason (because I am crazy) I've been lurking and shopping on Etsy again the past few weeks.

It all started innocently: I wanted to buy some bow tie collars for a Sante D'or photoshoot and knew Snoop Catty Catt, the maker of Finn's amazing birthday suit was just the gal to buy from. Boy was she. The offer of 25% off for our rescue suddenly had me throwing bows and ties into my cart like a crazy cat lady with a serious penchant for formal wear.

Then I started thinking of some upcoming occasions I have to bake some goodies and needing packaging to make them look extra special (perhaps to *ahem* make up for my limited baking skills). One look at Pretty Tape and suddenly I own tartan tape, Christmas ornament themed tape and a host of other awesome things like checkered multicolored twist ties to keep plastic cello bags looking cheery. I bought more tape from this seller than I did when I was actually in Japan!

The final and most extravagant (I know what you're thinking-buying cats bow ties, let alone cats that aren't even your pets, and fancy twist ties is already extravagant enough, but if you are thinking that, you cuh-learly don't know me) buy was an amazing technicolor dream rug that-wait for it-also features chevron stripes! It's a boucherouite, a type of Moroccan rug that the same people who make the famed Moroccan wedding blankets make from leftover pieces of fabric. Seriously, this thing was a steal-not so much cheaper than other versions that it's clearly a made in China fake, but so immensely gorgeous and affordable to boot! Dying to have it laid out on the floor of an otherwise stark, white room. Gaaaah. I love you Etsy. I love you.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Geometric Dreams

Glass pyramid display I picked up from Uncovet by The Foreign Archives.

White wooden gem necklace from Karolinfelixdream.

Superb chevron suncatcher by Halona Glass.

Pyramid brass necklace from SilkPurseSowsEar.

Mini Road Trip

Thierry Lasry, you slay me.

Almost there...passing Palm Springs. 

Welcome to the bizarre, mystical, amazing, and depressing Salton Sea. Smells like death as you walk on thousands of fish bones, crushed barnacles, and random debris.

We stopped by the Cabazon Dinosaurs on the way home.