Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Love Letter To Etsy

I continue to be surprised at the wealth of fabulous stuff available on Etsy. From packaging supplies to extremely well-made clothing, and home decor that ranges from whimsical modern tat to classic vintage wares, there is really nothing you can't find on there. I took a break from visiting the site for a few months when finances where low and the pain of looking at so much coolness that couldn't be mine wasn't worth the ooing and aahing that a visit inevitably delivered. For whatever reason (because I am crazy) I've been lurking and shopping on Etsy again the past few weeks.

It all started innocently: I wanted to buy some bow tie collars for a Sante D'or photoshoot and knew Snoop Catty Catt, the maker of Finn's amazing birthday suit was just the gal to buy from. Boy was she. The offer of 25% off for our rescue suddenly had me throwing bows and ties into my cart like a crazy cat lady with a serious penchant for formal wear.

Then I started thinking of some upcoming occasions I have to bake some goodies and needing packaging to make them look extra special (perhaps to *ahem* make up for my limited baking skills). One look at Pretty Tape and suddenly I own tartan tape, Christmas ornament themed tape and a host of other awesome things like checkered multicolored twist ties to keep plastic cello bags looking cheery. I bought more tape from this seller than I did when I was actually in Japan!

The final and most extravagant (I know what you're thinking-buying cats bow ties, let alone cats that aren't even your pets, and fancy twist ties is already extravagant enough, but if you are thinking that, you cuh-learly don't know me) buy was an amazing technicolor dream rug that-wait for it-also features chevron stripes! It's a boucherouite, a type of Moroccan rug that the same people who make the famed Moroccan wedding blankets make from leftover pieces of fabric. Seriously, this thing was a steal-not so much cheaper than other versions that it's clearly a made in China fake, but so immensely gorgeous and affordable to boot! Dying to have it laid out on the floor of an otherwise stark, white room. Gaaaah. I love you Etsy. I love you.

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