Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lightening the Mood

 Yes, they are *that* big. The people at the store seemed scared for me trying to get these home and I was actually going to get a pale pink one too until they voiced their doubts.

They seriously just barely squeezed into my back seats. Hallelujah for my surprisingly spacious Jetta (seriously, the backseats and trunk are massive-who knew?)!

The finished products a couple days later.

I turned 27 today. I am usually one of those people who loves birthdays and isn't at all concerned with getting older and what that means for my personality, life, sagging skin, etc. This year though, I kind of knew was going to end up a let down, and I was right. While everyone is a work in progress, I think most people have some aspect of their life in their back pocket, something that they feel wholly confident about; meanwhile, it feels like I'm floundering with everything-relationships, career, confidence-the whole lot. Still, despite getting into an over-emotional blow out with Mark, having all my plans for the day fall apart, and coping by eating too many sweets that I'll surely regret when my pants are like second skin tomorrow, these Geronimo inspired balloons added some much needed levity to my pity party. I bought the balloons online, had them filled at my beloved Vine American Party Store, and collected various bits of frill and frippery in the months leading up to make the monster balloons even more awesomesauce. Funnily enough I happened to win a balloon from Jihan of Geronimo via her Twitter two days ago, so just as mine will start shrinking and looking sad I'll get another dose of giant balloon madness!

And now for something completely less moody: my present from my very generous and thoughtful bf. Being Moroccan (one set of my grandparents grew up in Fez), I have for years lusted after one of the handmade Moroccan wedding blankets made by the Berbers of the Atlas Mountains for brides to wear on their big day. Randomly perusing From Morocco With Love back in April, a non-profit that sells Moroccan products and then uses the funds to donate supplies like wheelchairs and school supplies to Moroccans, I stumbled upon their stash of vintage blankets, including one with ethnic banding that struck me a lot more than most of the plain sequined varieties. Out of nowhere Mark offered to get me my dream item for my birthday. Seriously, he's always gets my bday prezzie in the bag months before the actual day! It made me happy to get an actual vintage item (rather than the reproductions so rampant now that the blankets have gained notoriety) and support an agency that used the money for a good cause. I have to keep the blanket boxed up until Chloe moves past the kitten behavior that would undoubtedly have her thinking the sequins are chew toys but here's a peek.

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  1. I love the photos...especially the balloons.