Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Passing of A Genius

I'm so sad about the passing of Steve Jobs earlier today. As the child of a graphic artist, I grew up using only Apple products (yeah, even before they were cool again) and always respected the way the company sought to meld bottom-line needs and functionality with aesthetics. Forget the fact that in the past ten years the iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc. have completely revolutionized the way that we communicate and live and you still have a man whose standards built a company that allowed users to have higher expectations for the machines they rely on daily to be multifaceted, forward-thinking, and yes-attractive and user-friendly.

It's hard to think about someone with so much vision and creativity being snuffed out so young and I feel for his family, but it gives me comfort to know that the same standards for business that Jobs sought were those he sought in living life and that he lived it to the fullest. Getting high on psychedelics, running off to explore India, and dropping out of college before going on to change the world shows what life is all about-making yourself happy and following your gut, even if you can't quite see in the moment where that's going to take you.

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