Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Toppers That Take the Cake

Since Mark's older brother has recently gotten engaged (squeeee!), I've had weddings on the mind a lot lately. Sure, two other lovely people getting hitched has nothing to do with me getting hitched, but at some point, even those like me who never grew up expecting to find someone to marry start pre-planning out the details; erm, or maybe just women do that. I suppose given my recent penchant for buying baby booties, it's not much of a surprise that my inner clock is tick-tocking mighty loud these days. My Etsy favorites and Pinterest pages are already filled with various head pieces, dresses, and DIY decor ideas that I pretend apply to any party but really only apply to the Mr. and Mrs. kind. And while I may love thinking about the details, there are some things that I will just never be willing to spend the money on, like a cake. Who even ends up eating it, anyway? But the cake topper-that is a totally different story. I ran across Jennifer Murphy's little wonders a few years ago and they immediately made me think about the bride and groom bears that my parents had when they got married. I used to sneak into the bottom drawer of my mom's dresser and peruse the little treasures she had kept; I love the idea of having things for my future munchkins to discover and which convey our personality in no uncertain terms. These toppers are totally perfect for the perma-child I am and Mark is (if he's lucky enough to share a topper with me one day, wink wink).

All images from Jennifer Murphy's website and Etsyhttp://www.etsy.com/shop/jennifermurphy page

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