Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pet Pride Be Darned!

I'm not sure that I really love the idea of dressing up cats and dogs regularly, but every once in a while they just lend themselves so well to wearing a particular costume. I'm not talking about giving your pooch his own walk-in closet or carrying him around in your purse so his Gucci loafers don't get scuffed while you restrict him from exercise, or any of than nonsense; but with Halloween around the corner, there are so many cute outfits that allow you to celebrate with your pet as much as with those fun size Snickers "for the neighborhood kids." So long as you still let them sniff their bums, give them treats, and let them do their exploring thing, is it so wrong to stick a plaid sweater on a Scottie or vampire cape on a cat whose fangs stick out of its mouth? Do they really care? I think not. 

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Is Here!


Today marks the official start of Fall. I cannot wait to bust out my giant clear umbrella from Japan and dance around rain puddles!

Image found here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Adventures in Haircoloring?

My hair is driving me batty these days. I think it's time for a change, but what to do? It's naturally curly and mousy brown, so I straighten and dye it black, but it's conversely both flat and frizzy, and generally just rather disappointing.

I figure when I get it cut I may bite the bullet and go for red, like a deep auburn shade. You know, even though I can't afford to get my hair professionally colored anymore and red is the most challenging DIY shade. But until then I'm thinking about bleaching the split ends that will end up getting cut and coloring them with a crazy Manic Panic bubblegum pink or royal blue. I know it's a bit "done" but with just a couple weeks of being 26 left, I'm pretty much at the end of the days where dying my hair like that is going to fly, so I know I should just give it a go already. I'm just terrified that I will totally eff it up. Then again, even if I do, there's really not much black dye won't cover, right?

First image from the black label section of Bando, fourth by Emma Gibney via Scalpture 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The New Girl's Already Sucked Me In

I just finished watching the pilot episode of 'The New Girl,' the Zooey Deschanel show that'll air on Fox later this month but which is already available to view online here now. I have a serious girl crush on Ms. D. Ugh, I mean how can someone look so cute and gamine all the time while making it look like it's all so easy? I did once look at pictures of her when she was just starting out and man, did girl have an ugly shoe collection. So it's nice to know she is human, after all.

Still, I only have bangs because of her and when someone once told me I looked like her (surely on a night I wore enough eyeliner and mascara to resemble a kewpie doll) it was probably about the most attractive I've ever felt. So even though the first trailer for the show and all of the print work looks like garbage (hence why you're looking at pics of Zooey and not the promo materials), I gave it a shot anyway. And actually, I love it! Jess (Zooey's character) is totally a nerd and totally relatable with her random dancing, goofy faces, and life fails. Plus, if you hate Zooey, the show is a little less girly than she seems to be, and definitely less glam-a Zooey if she wasn't rich and famous, if you will. I'm guessing that her stardom should buy the show some time to find its footing and I'm certainly hoping so, because tv needs more girl nerd heroes and I'm more than willing to make Jess mine.

My Postwoman Must Hate Me

It's been a busy week for package deliveries. I got my Zara and Shu Uemura purchases (blogged about here and here), as well as a few less selfish things for the home and various edible glitters and baking supplies for birthday and Halloween baking. These gold mixing bowls were an eBay find, made (in America, back when we made things, y'all!) by the Hall company between the '40s and '70s. Unbelievably, they came in the original box, all wrapped up and in perfect condition. I originally looked at the covered casserole dish version, but those were all dinged up and frankly, I'll get way more use out of these. There is nothing like cheery metallic polka dotted prep bowls to make even the most mundane of meals happier!

I also got this Pigeon Toe Ceramics hanging planter for succulents, since I've officially given up buying flowers-Chloe tries to eat them all and virtually any attractive flower is toxic for kitties-or at least until I actually have furniture that keeps them out of the way. It won't get mounted until we're about to move, I'm sure, but I love the geometric shape and matte finish enough to expect it'll get use at some point.

I finally checked out the Rose Bowl Flea Market last Sunday, and while I didn't get anything, I must keep going to see if I can find some treasures. There was a fruit crate with a wicked image of a bear on it that I should have grabbed, and some killer furniture, but of course everything I liked had a "sold" sign taped to it. Motivation to wake up bright and early next time!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

London Calling

It's official-the week after Thanksgiving I will be going to London and Dublin. I cannot wait; seriously, I am squealing and doing little dances multiple times a day thinking about returning to London, where I spent one glorious year as a Study Abroad student. Once I got back I tried for months to figure out a way to move there permanently without living as an illegal, so since my plan to marry a Brit for citizenship obviously failed, I'm going to make the most of my-albeit, brief-return. I will never forget that flying out, as the plane was filling up with passengers, Virgin Atlantic had Zero 7's "Home" playing and immediately I felt like that's where I was flying to. The first week I was there I literally experienced physical changes (cough*firstperiodinayear*cough) that told me I was in the right place. I'm not necessarily one of those people who sees symbolic meaning in every coincidence, but there was definitely an immediate change in me and my happiness that took place as soon as I got there; and while it wasn't all attributable to the city, a lot of it was. Swoon. Since my mister will be discovering it for the first time, I will have to find a balance between the tourist necessities-London Eye, Millenium Bridge, Topshop, tea at Claridges-and my personal nostalgic needs-visiting the peacocks in Holland Park, having a pint at my former local-the New Globe in Mile End, shopping handicrafts at Spitalfields Market, and perusing the fabric at Liberty of London. Is it November yet?

All images from Flight 001.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Looking Back, Moving Forward

It's very strange to think about the 9/11 terror attacks taking place ten years ago today. More than anything, I've been thinking about how frustratingly useless it all was. Nothing was accomplished other than pain and waste. Ten years on thousands of families in America, Afghanistan and Iraq are mourning lost loves ones and still losing them; innocent people who were robbed of their opportunity to live life to the fullest. And I wonder at the people who orchestrated it all-do they think the world is really changed for the better? But rather than dwell on how evil man is capable of being, I will take today to cherish those that I love and take stock in how blessed I am to have been born in America and to live a life as lucky as it is. Let us take care of one another today, and every day.

Photo by Todd Heisler for The New York Times.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bananers Miles Thompson Commission

Ever since I first saw the paintings of Miles Thompson I've been almost obsessed with the idea of having one of his pieces for my very own. I love the quirky little details, the whimsy of his styling, and perhaps most of all the Southern Californian culture and nostalgia as subject matters. While his work (that I've seen) is mostly tiki/surf inspired I knew as a fellow native Californian and history buff, once I could finally weasel my way into requesting a commission he'd be open to my dream vision. That vision was pretty much totally realized last Saturday when he delivered our painting. I mean, hot pink cake being eaten by Smokey the Bear in a forest, a worm smoking a stoagie, a hair bow wearing snake, John Muir chilling barefoot with the wildlife, and dozens of other details that I'm still discovering? It's crazy, it's fun, it's my very own little California-based fairy tale.  It was definitely worth the four years-plus of pining away and the six months between getting the ball rolling and MT finishing up the piece to his liking. For those of you with a shorter attention span, here is some of his more...muted?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Year Ago Today...

I adopted Finn, a kitty who's made me both laugh and cry, caused lots of health-related stress, and provided much daily joy. I can't imagine my life without Finn or Chloe. No, they're not friends who I can confide in or have a deep relationship with, but they are the little four-legged loves of my life anyway. To celebrate Mark cooked them up some filet mignon, which they didn't seem to enjoy as much as their gravy covered everyday stuff. Oh well. It's just like a party for a one-year old-it's all for the parents anyway.

Speaking of which, Finn in his finest suit to celebrate the occasion. He may not look too excited about it, but I know he's happy living with us, despite our constant shenanigans. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ink.sack: Weird name, tasty food

Today I finally had a chance to hit up ink.sack, the questionably named sandwich shop that just opened and which is owned by last year's Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio. While I am glad I chose to wait it out a bit and showed up early to avoid the lines that still extend out onto Melrose Ave. (judging by their sign and roped off area), I had quite a tasty lunch, if nothing mind blowing. I went with the spicy tuna, which was satisfying and flavorful, if not quite spicy enough. I absolutely loved the inclusion of pickles. I don't mind the small size because one left me fairly full, but I do understand why some people are underwhelmed by the white bread roll they use. It was a throwaway, and when you're presenting yourself as a chef, sandwich making chef or not, it's sort of shoddy business for the one integral ingredients of a sammie to go undeveloped. The real highlight for me, though, was the compressed cantaloupe with sriracha and lime. It was the perfect combo of heat and juiciness, lightness and bite. I plan on figuring out my own recipe for that one before the summer fruits disappear completely. I'd say that if you're already shopping on Melrose or in the area this is a solid lunch spot with fun takes on the traditional, but I can't see myself ever going out of my way for it, especially if there is a line involved!

Photo of sandwich, courtesy Serious Eats.

Zara Goes Online, I Go on A Spree

If you read anything about fashion online, you could hardly escape the news that Zara was opening an e-commerce site on its American website today. I remember when Zara first came to the U.S. I wasn't all that excited, finding most of their clothes to be for the boringly serious professional set and not exactly inexpensive. Within the past few months, however, I've come around to the fact that their clothes are simultaneously fun and sophisticated, and not actually expensive. I don't know if anything within the brand has actually changed or if perhaps it's all just the result of getting older and having changing tastes, but suddenly Zara is churning out looks that I want, like their entire TRF collection. So, suffice it to say that after going to bed last night at 8pm with the flu and waking up at 7am and bored accordingly, I was one of the first Americans to take advantage of the new online Zara shopping experience. With free shipping, there's no reason for me to brave the mass of tourists at Hollywood and Highland ever again!

I also wanted to get these skirts and amazing waxed mustard-colored pants, but while they did hang out in my shopping cart for a while, I had to draw the line somewhere...There's always next paycheck!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Trip to the Lash Bar

Tribal Patch lashes, which can be separated into two different sets-the orange and blue, and pink

Tutu Laceflare lashes, with gold-flecked tulle 

Green Folklore lashes, which also separate into green feather accents and yellow threaded lashes

You know how sometimes you have an "ugly day" or "fat day" and it totally takes the wind out of your sails? I've been having an ugly, like 5 months. Seriously. And even if I logically know what when other things are getting me down I tend to think about how much I dislike my looks, it doesn't change my behavior, or drive me any less cray-cray. Ugh, to be a superficial Libra. So to combat my moody blues, I've been trying to refocus my attention from matters of appearance that have been thrust upon us all by genetics, nature, God, or whoever else may be responsible for such things, and instead focus my visual interest on the things that I control that do make me feel good or allow me to express myself. Instead of worrying about how wide my hips look in that dress, I'm trying to think about how perfect the necklace I've got on is. Which brings me to these wackadoo/amazing Shu Uemura eyelashes. They always offer unique, fun, expressive lashes that can take any look over the top. Which is about the only reason I would deal with falsies, which I find incredibly annoying; the idea that girls wore these every day in the Sixties actually hurts my eyelids. I bought the first two pairs in a rash bout with retail therapy this evening, but the third were way too much for even me to justify. So when and where am I going to wear these little bits of fun?  I don't know, but life finds a way and I manage to find ways to wear weird stuff often enough. Whenever I do, I'll be happier than before I had them on. And that's a start.