Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zara Goes Online, I Go on A Spree

If you read anything about fashion online, you could hardly escape the news that Zara was opening an e-commerce site on its American website today. I remember when Zara first came to the U.S. I wasn't all that excited, finding most of their clothes to be for the boringly serious professional set and not exactly inexpensive. Within the past few months, however, I've come around to the fact that their clothes are simultaneously fun and sophisticated, and not actually expensive. I don't know if anything within the brand has actually changed or if perhaps it's all just the result of getting older and having changing tastes, but suddenly Zara is churning out looks that I want, like their entire TRF collection. So, suffice it to say that after going to bed last night at 8pm with the flu and waking up at 7am and bored accordingly, I was one of the first Americans to take advantage of the new online Zara shopping experience. With free shipping, there's no reason for me to brave the mass of tourists at Hollywood and Highland ever again!

I also wanted to get these skirts and amazing waxed mustard-colored pants, but while they did hang out in my shopping cart for a while, I had to draw the line somewhere...There's always next paycheck!

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