Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ink.sack: Weird name, tasty food

Today I finally had a chance to hit up ink.sack, the questionably named sandwich shop that just opened and which is owned by last year's Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio. While I am glad I chose to wait it out a bit and showed up early to avoid the lines that still extend out onto Melrose Ave. (judging by their sign and roped off area), I had quite a tasty lunch, if nothing mind blowing. I went with the spicy tuna, which was satisfying and flavorful, if not quite spicy enough. I absolutely loved the inclusion of pickles. I don't mind the small size because one left me fairly full, but I do understand why some people are underwhelmed by the white bread roll they use. It was a throwaway, and when you're presenting yourself as a chef, sandwich making chef or not, it's sort of shoddy business for the one integral ingredients of a sammie to go undeveloped. The real highlight for me, though, was the compressed cantaloupe with sriracha and lime. It was the perfect combo of heat and juiciness, lightness and bite. I plan on figuring out my own recipe for that one before the summer fruits disappear completely. I'd say that if you're already shopping on Melrose or in the area this is a solid lunch spot with fun takes on the traditional, but I can't see myself ever going out of my way for it, especially if there is a line involved!

Photo of sandwich, courtesy Serious Eats.

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