Friday, September 9, 2011

Bananers Miles Thompson Commission

Ever since I first saw the paintings of Miles Thompson I've been almost obsessed with the idea of having one of his pieces for my very own. I love the quirky little details, the whimsy of his styling, and perhaps most of all the Southern Californian culture and nostalgia as subject matters. While his work (that I've seen) is mostly tiki/surf inspired I knew as a fellow native Californian and history buff, once I could finally weasel my way into requesting a commission he'd be open to my dream vision. That vision was pretty much totally realized last Saturday when he delivered our painting. I mean, hot pink cake being eaten by Smokey the Bear in a forest, a worm smoking a stoagie, a hair bow wearing snake, John Muir chilling barefoot with the wildlife, and dozens of other details that I'm still discovering? It's crazy, it's fun, it's my very own little California-based fairy tale.  It was definitely worth the four years-plus of pining away and the six months between getting the ball rolling and MT finishing up the piece to his liking. For those of you with a shorter attention span, here is some of his more...muted?

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