Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Postwoman Must Hate Me

It's been a busy week for package deliveries. I got my Zara and Shu Uemura purchases (blogged about here and here), as well as a few less selfish things for the home and various edible glitters and baking supplies for birthday and Halloween baking. These gold mixing bowls were an eBay find, made (in America, back when we made things, y'all!) by the Hall company between the '40s and '70s. Unbelievably, they came in the original box, all wrapped up and in perfect condition. I originally looked at the covered casserole dish version, but those were all dinged up and frankly, I'll get way more use out of these. There is nothing like cheery metallic polka dotted prep bowls to make even the most mundane of meals happier!

I also got this Pigeon Toe Ceramics hanging planter for succulents, since I've officially given up buying flowers-Chloe tries to eat them all and virtually any attractive flower is toxic for kitties-or at least until I actually have furniture that keeps them out of the way. It won't get mounted until we're about to move, I'm sure, but I love the geometric shape and matte finish enough to expect it'll get use at some point.

I finally checked out the Rose Bowl Flea Market last Sunday, and while I didn't get anything, I must keep going to see if I can find some treasures. There was a fruit crate with a wicked image of a bear on it that I should have grabbed, and some killer furniture, but of course everything I liked had a "sold" sign taped to it. Motivation to wake up bright and early next time!

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