Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Trip to the Lash Bar

Tribal Patch lashes, which can be separated into two different sets-the orange and blue, and pink

Tutu Laceflare lashes, with gold-flecked tulle 

Green Folklore lashes, which also separate into green feather accents and yellow threaded lashes

You know how sometimes you have an "ugly day" or "fat day" and it totally takes the wind out of your sails? I've been having an ugly, like 5 months. Seriously. And even if I logically know what when other things are getting me down I tend to think about how much I dislike my looks, it doesn't change my behavior, or drive me any less cray-cray. Ugh, to be a superficial Libra. So to combat my moody blues, I've been trying to refocus my attention from matters of appearance that have been thrust upon us all by genetics, nature, God, or whoever else may be responsible for such things, and instead focus my visual interest on the things that I control that do make me feel good or allow me to express myself. Instead of worrying about how wide my hips look in that dress, I'm trying to think about how perfect the necklace I've got on is. Which brings me to these wackadoo/amazing Shu Uemura eyelashes. They always offer unique, fun, expressive lashes that can take any look over the top. Which is about the only reason I would deal with falsies, which I find incredibly annoying; the idea that girls wore these every day in the Sixties actually hurts my eyelids. I bought the first two pairs in a rash bout with retail therapy this evening, but the third were way too much for even me to justify. So when and where am I going to wear these little bits of fun?  I don't know, but life finds a way and I manage to find ways to wear weird stuff often enough. Whenever I do, I'll be happier than before I had them on. And that's a start.

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