Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pet Pride Be Darned!

I'm not sure that I really love the idea of dressing up cats and dogs regularly, but every once in a while they just lend themselves so well to wearing a particular costume. I'm not talking about giving your pooch his own walk-in closet or carrying him around in your purse so his Gucci loafers don't get scuffed while you restrict him from exercise, or any of than nonsense; but with Halloween around the corner, there are so many cute outfits that allow you to celebrate with your pet as much as with those fun size Snickers "for the neighborhood kids." So long as you still let them sniff their bums, give them treats, and let them do their exploring thing, is it so wrong to stick a plaid sweater on a Scottie or vampire cape on a cat whose fangs stick out of its mouth? Do they really care? I think not. 

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