Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Week In Review

So, most of my week has involved being chained to the computer, eeking out these e-porfolio essays while distracting myself with images of pretty clothes I don't need and picking up the million packages of Legos and Studio Ghibli dvds from the Post Office that Mark has been buying himself like he's making up for a lifetime of missed childhood Christmases (Remember this post? She definitely wants us to move by now!). Still, I managed to have a bit of fun with the perfect mix of window shopping, hanging out with good people, and one of the Village Bakery's addictive donut muffins thrown into the mix for good measure. 

I tried on these lovely Persol sunglasses while Mark picked up a pair for himself at the Optical Shop of Aspen on Melrose.

A multitude of skulls and antlers at Seven Grand, where I hadn't imbibed in at least a couple of years!

Mas Malo didn't have the intimacy I enjoy at the original, and I found the food and drinks to be a little less yummy, but I can't say the chevron walls didn't make my heart skip a beat and earn the Mas a few extra points.

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