Friday, March 30, 2012

Know Thy Enemy

See you in a few months ice cream. Until then, get the hell away from me with your tauntingly sweet scent. 

I'm nearly done with my e-portfolio and now that I have 17 whole days to work on my intro, conclusion, and statement of philosophy, I can breathe again and focus on every other part of my life that I've been ignoring since this project began. I haven't dusted anything in the apartment in so long I literally can't remember doing it, haven't painted my nails since January, have an inch of roots in my hair, haven't even straightened my hair in at least a month because the idea of spending 30 minutes on something so frivolous felt too indulgent, and feel fatter than ever (no, it's not actually true, but I'm at the highest weight I've weighed in many years and need to drop 5-8 pounds stat). So now it's time to pay attention to me again! Yay and hallalujah.

Which is what brings me to finally breaking my sugar addiction-and it is a full blown addiction at this point-by completely cutting the sweet stuff out of my diet in the ten days leading up to my mini trip with Mark to Palm Springs to celebrate getting my MLIS and his getting to take more than one day off in a row. It's going to be a long, hard road out of flabby body hell but I figure if I can find the willpower to survive it, I'll have loose pants in time for vacation and be less likely to wear a muumuu into the Ace Hotel's pool rather than a bikini. Once I get home, if there's more weight to drop I'll continue the no sugar shock, because while I have a sweet tooth and will always pick cheating with ice cream over french fries, I've somehow gotten to the point where it's cool to eat Sour Patch kids every single day like I'm a five year old. And no, I've definitely not got a five year old's metabolism. So wish me luck, pull any sweets you see in my hands from my grip, and let's home when I share photos on here of my trip that neither of us are thinking "should have cropped closer to hide that bedonkadonk/those hips/that extra chin."

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