Monday, March 19, 2012

Pop Culture Hipsters

While doing my semi-nightly perusal of Pinterest I came across this image of Frida Kahlo by Fabian Ciraolo:

 He's an artist from Chile who takes iconic people or characters and re-imagines them as current-day hipsters. It's entertaining to think about Grace Kelly with an eyebrow piercing or John Wayne with a full sleeve of tattoos and I love the floral, galactic backgrounds that add to the dreamlike quality of his work. 

 Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz-clearly we're not in Kansas, anymore. 

 Salvador Dali. I think this one is particularly spot on with the jacket, sinewy exposed abs, and belt buckle. 

Dapper Skeletor loses his unitard in favor of a polo and checkered suit. 

It's not all about pop icons though. A couple of my favorite other pieces:

Killer. I want this one for my home-the bow, the floral "eye mask," the hair. Like I said, killer. 

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