Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Black Cat Bakery and Cafe

So by now it's pretty clear I'm a cat person on my way to being a crazy cat lady. I won't lie, despite the intoxicating images of muffins, individual pies, and creamy lattes that dominate the Facebook page for the Black Cat Bakery and Cafe, I actually went there because of the name. I don't often drive out west of La Brea unless you are offering me money, a shoe sale, or my daily dose of cutesy. Thankfully for all of you who aren't nerds, though, I'm happy to report that this place isn't covered in pink, kitties, and doilies; but is actually a beautiful, bright, airy little spot to grab a tasty lunch or breakfast. It's got a slightly rustic/modern vibe with the chalkboard menu, artisanal breads on display, and milk glass lighting contrasting perfectly with the stark black and white paint job.The environment is welcoming, with staff that is playful and helpful, and a set up that is perfect for those looking for a little more privacy too. Despite the fact that there weren't cats hanging from the rafters, or anywhere really, other than printed on their logo, this cafe is worth a return trip (only partially because the man behind the counter offered me a window seat, suggesting that having cute girls in the window draws more customers-I'm not all that cute, dear readers, but who doesn't like a compliment with their coffee?)

The menu ranges from your classical breakfast dishes of pancakes and omelettes done a little bit more sophisticated (think ingredients like shitake mushrooms, asparagus, and farro) to salads and sandwiches that are filling without being heavy. Intrigued by the mention of pickled shallots I ordered the crabcake salad, which was made quick work of thanks to that contrast of the acidic shallots to the buttery crab. In fact, I ate it before I thought to take a picture. Oops, bad blogger! I also grabbed a gluten-free pumpkin spice muffin, pretending that because it was gluten-free it was somehow healthier, though the addition of raisins and pecans does make it more muffin than cake-in-disguise. From the bits I've nibbled so far I can say that it is moist, imbued with tons of spice flavor, and definitely not going to last until tomorrow.

The three little two-seat nooks at the front of the cafe are great for privacy and people watching. 

I loved these milk glass light fixtures. 

Board by the restroom where you can rep your own black cats. 

Muffin soon to contribute to my muffin top. 

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