Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dark Delicacies

I favorite loads of Etsy shops but there are only a few I actually keep visiting, hoping for a sale or new listings, continually impressed with their original offerings. One of those is Blood Milk-which calls its made-to-order goods "supernatural jewels for surrealist darlings." The jewelry has a Gothic, macabre vibe with its claw and sword themes, but is also sophisticated thanks to great detailing and the use of more unusual materials like rose gold and mattified stones. It's dark in the ethereal rather than the Hot Topic cheesy sense, making these pieces worth their price tags and likely to be worn for years. The following are all high on my perennially growing shopping wishlist (hint, hint):

Swan Song ring in rose gold

An as-yet unreleased amethyst claw ring

Lorraine cross

Owl Skull necklace

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