Monday, July 11, 2011

Blanket Forts

I was watching Community last week and saw the episode in which Troy and Abed build a massive blanket fort replete with a permit-approved parade procession, a civil rights museum and its own Turkish district (Season Two, Episode Nine if you're wondering). It was hilarious and ridiculous and proved why it's just about the only show other than Mad Men and Parks and Recs I can bother to give a crap about these days. I still have my prop coffee cup from when I worked the show in its first season; it's labeled "Hot and Brown" and features a Casanova-esque coffee bean with full on mustachio making eyes. Hands down the funnest, laid back set I've been on (come on, my official title was "Stoner")and judging from the detail of props such as that cup that will likely never be seen on screen, I was certain the show was awesome despite never having actually seen it before.

Bu this post isn't about Community, it's about blanket forts! I remember making them with my little brother during his Star Wars obsession phase, so ours were always intergalactic space stations rather than retreats and obviously leaning towards the masculine. I'm in love with Emily from Inside A Black Apple's take on the blanket fort, however, which she used as the inspiration for her basement. Seriously the perfect decor for a bonus room when you need a little mini escape!
Too bad in LA I'm not too likely to ever live in a space with enough room for such wholehearted caprice. If I could though, I'd make mine look like a bedouin souk-cheery pops of color coupled with neutrals, ethnic prints, and glimmers of antique metal hanging on the walls.

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