Friday, July 8, 2011

Tinga es Buena, Indeed

For someone who lives in LA, I don't eat very much Mexican food. My hips would be as wide as some of those crazy dresses Marie Antoinette used to wear if I did, but sometimes I'm willing to say eff it and go for tacos. One of new favorites is Tinga, with food that is colorful, fresh, and full of flavor. It's not heavy, except that it's definitely good enough to make me want to eat my weight in their tasy offerings. I also find the atmosphere, which is casual and unpretentious, great during lunchtime; the sunshine pouring into the little place is the perfect compliment to the food and how can you knock a place that has skateboards shaped like bullets and mermaids hanging up? I usually go for their short rib tacos, which come with pickled red cabbage, queso fresco, papas bravas, salsa verde and some other little tasty bits but I've got to try the mushroom quesadilla next. Wild mushroom pate and avocado salsa-nom. I have also had the best chocolate chip cookie there, with cayenne and cinnamon mixed into the batter. Seriously, I am also not someone who eats cookies very often but I still think about that one. You can be sure if I'm on the Westside and I'm craving some healthier Mexican fare, I'm driving straight to La Brea.

Look at the colors! I love how the food here looks as much as I love how it tastes.

Short tib tacos. Sorry the crappy photo doesn't do them justice.

First two photos courtesy Tinga's website

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