Friday, January 4, 2013

Secret Single Behavior

I've lived with my boyfriend for the past three years, and love spending time with him very much, but I'd be lying if I said I don't occasionally enjoy the fact that he works evenings so that I can be alone and partake in what I learned from Sex and the City is my "secret single behavior." Those things that aren't exactly embarrassingly unusual or bad, but which are for whatever reason so much more pleasurable when done alone: marathoning tv shows all night long while eating peppermint Joe Joes, putting on crazy outfits or makeup, listening to bad music, fingering through old photo albums or letters, etc. I'm even so weird as to have a large collection of movies that I only ever want to watch alone, for those cathartic crying sessions. Haha.

As an undeniable loner, it can be a challenge losing your independence at home and these moments are important for maintaining some shred of sense of self, at least for me. Doing things that make you happy purely for yourself and without having to "worry" about anyone else's wants or needs is so liberating when it's become a rarity. So break out the cans of Sofia wine, put on your largest and ugliest pjs, and OnDemand a whole two seasons of Game of Thrones in a row before you realize it's 4a.m. and you actually have shit to do tomorrow.

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