Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Glo Dressing

In the colder months I pretty much exclusively wear black, grey, and cream coupled with rich jewel tones like royal blue and emerald. Come summertime, though, that look just comes off harsh. So for the past few years, once June gloom burns off and summer starts proper, I tend to look sort of like I've dived into a pool full of neon colored paints-highlighter yellows, blindingly bright pinks, and reds that looks like a cherry popsicle become my staple shades. Slowly though, I've been trying to get that color onto my accessories or just touches in a piece, hoping to build a slightly more versatile wardrobe (my beloved American Apparel neon yellow pencil skirt just isn't going to cut it at a fancy dinner) that includes light, breezy neutrals instead of only my usual black/dayglo combos.

These pieces can go anywhere from a concert at a dumpy basement venue or Sunday brunch to a wedding or first date, personality still firmly on display:

Sigh, I remember when Tom Binns was almost affordable. This $2656 necklace isn't, but what a statement.

Feature top available from one of my favorite online retailers, Pixie Market.

This bag reminds me of many summertime traveling adventures and is the perfect compliment to a casual day spent running errands. Made by Wayuu Taya, a non-profit company that sells the Columbian-handmade wares, they are available in just about every color combo imaginable if unlike me, you prefer a more understated version.

I am ob-frickin-sessed with Thierry Lasry eyewear. This pair is so perfectly fun and available at Eyegoodies.

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