Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sante D'or Lovefest

Life is happily crazy-busy right now. Between overtime at work, some really productive projects for school, and my new role of being on the board at Sante D'or and trying to get some animals adopted, I don't have much time for things I really need to do like exercise, let alone extra things like blogging. One thing I found time for: buying some pretty little heart shaped sprinkles for the brownies I baked for tomorrow's adoption event at Urban Pet on Beverly Blvd. Since I rarely bake, I also made a run to Surfas in Culver City to buy some quality goods like Valhrhona chocolate, and discovered the wonder of Maldon salt. Holy crap is that stuff delicious and where have I been? Nevermind the fact that each crystal is legitimately pyramid-shaped like a mini Chichen Itza-the stuff tastes so good topped on everything from roasted cauliflower to baked salmon and would undoubtedly turn soft caramels into a godly treat.

What everyone who comes out and makes a donation, big or small, will be getting tomorrow.

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