Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank Fuck This Week Is Over

Crazy ass, horrible week. Like tears ever day bad. So let's review the good stuff that kept me from jumping off my balcony and rejoice that it's Friday mf-ers (even though I am staying home like a granny tonight to work on my e-portfolio for school)!

 I picked up this sweet little card at Ige on Beverly Blvd. after having a seriously tasty salad over at Susina Bakery with my mom on Monday. Man do I wish I could have tried one of their almond croissants!

 Ayelet in eyelet. More noteworthy, however, is that I took this photo using Apple's Photobooth application. Because I am the proud owner of a brand new MacBook Pro laptop! Mark brought it home to me as a total (major) surprise the other day as a sort of make-up gift for our anniversary and Valentine's Day. I am such a lucky lady and cannot wait to stop using this old, ugly, and annoying PC. Apple for life, bitches!

 I am currently obsessed with filling the pantry with Weck jars. They look so much more streamlined than having a bunch of ugly boxes or loose bags of lentils spilling their contents all over the place. After picking up some Hawaiian black salt up over at the Broome St. General Store that was packaged in a tiny version, I realized that everything just looks better in coordinating jars! I picked up some local produce (and a package of Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups-so sue me...) at Atwater Village Farm over the weekend and loved being able to immediately give the items a pretty home.

Between the Weck jars and Martha Stewart's new line of office supplies for Avery, I'm totally in organizational mode. Get. It. Done. We reorganized the bedroom on Tuesday and it looks a million times cleaner and more open now. I picked up these elastic tags to keep our plethora of cords under control, a folder that adheres to the inside of a cabinet drawer to keep all of our random appliance guides in one out of the way place, and labels for the Weck jars. I'll be buying a billion more of the items once I have time for extra projects.

Today I went on a tour of the LAPL's Central Library with the San Jose State ALA student chapter. While I'd been there before to pick up research materials I never quite realized what a beautiful and massive space it is. This stained glass globe light is surrounded by the twelve zodiac symbols and a ring of lights to represent the library's central theme-the light of learning. It's spectacular and cost $50,000 in 1933.

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