Thursday, February 2, 2012

Plans To Make God Laugh

Remember how I was going to remain hopeful that 2012 was my year? That the things holding me back from moving forward in my life would start to come together? Yeah, this past week has pretty much all but snuffed out that enthusiasm. Still, there have been a few things this week that along with finally making some good money have made getting out of bed worthwhile.

 A trip to Michael's resulted in the purchase of this package of neon glitter. What am I going to do with it? I dunno, but it's neon! And it was the last one-I couldn't bear the idea of leaving, deciding afterward that I needed it, and then not being able to find it. 

I did top off my nail polish with the glitter, which sort of fluoresces under black light. I plan on using them on candles and maybe for jewelry but for now I'm just happy I have them for when the creative forces strike.

J. Crew is ridiculously overpriced (esp. because the quality is mediocre, at best) but they have good sales on their basics and I scored a bunch of stripy wonders for about $10-15 each. This pink thermal is way more vibrant in person and I'm sort of living in it right now...

Jason Wu for Target comes out on Sunday. Kitty items are obviously adorable, but if I can get my mitts on a dress or two without getting beaten up by another fashion-hungry vulture (or eBay reseller...), I won't complain either.

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