Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bugs and Baubles

Yesterday Mark and I visited the Craft and Folk Art Museum, which I didn't even know existed until I worked at LACMA last summer and drove past it everyday on the Miracle Mile. I wanted to check out the Jennifer Angus All Creatures Great and Small exhibit, which takes insects and puts them into "wallpaper" skull shapes, combines them to create giant mutant insect creatures that are framed on the gallery walls, and Victorian themed vignettes using beeswax to build sets like a church and funeral procession. It was pretty cool, creepy, and fun, but unfortunately didn't allow photographs; I mean, there were no security guards so I should have just pap-ed away, but I've got this annoying tendency to follow rules. So I borrowed these:

While there, we also stopped in their museum shop, which is worth checking out on its own and is accessible right off of Wilshire (the museum entrance is actually inside the shop too). Mark and I each picked out some fun jewelry, which is shocking because while Mark is an awesome enabler when it comes to shopping, he never treats himself or lets himself be treated. I was excited he found this watch works necklace, which is a bit steampunk without being cheesy or tragic. I picked out a skull bracelet in happy colors since my wrists sadly usually go naked and a pretty string of seed and fabric beads from Laos that will be perfect to offset my typical silver and gold necklaces with some levity. The shop had lots of stuff for all budgets and ages though, not just the silly stuff we liked.

All in all, it was a perfect summer day; I loved seeing all of the kids across the street at the Page Museum rolling down the hill, families watching tar bubble in the pits, and people picnicking in the breezy sunshine.

All CAFAM photos from Fashion Intel.

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