Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life in Sunset Tones

 Outfit by Anh at 9to5Chic.

Alexander McQueen clutch, available here.

Audrey Tautou in a dreamy Lanvin dress.

Silk swatch, available here.

So striking I immediately want to dye my hair crimson, via The Chic Department tumblr.

I'm really feeling all of the pink and red combos I'm seeing out there, though I tend to find purplish pinks an even more eye-popping choice. It's totally girly, but so long as you're not working with super pale, baby pink the look isn't so much Valentine's inspired kitsch as a fresh take on shading. The best thing is that while this look is perfect for summer, just pop on some black tights or sweater in the coming cold months and you'll still have a look that's sharp and as a bonus, dilutes the blahs grey skies and chilled bones can bring on. If the look still screams candy hearts and cupids to you, though, there's always pink and yellow...

Pink and yellow accented living room, via PicsDecor.

Outfit by Bee at Atlantic-Pacific blog.

Collage by NeonandNeutral.

Fancy matches, via Oh Joy! blog.

Brigitte Bardot knows what's up.

Basically, any color that you have seen in a sunset-when the sky is bathed in a watercolor-like tapestry of pinks, oranges, purples, reds, and pinks-looks ridiculous together if you get the shades right and especially if you go balls to the walls and pump up the volume with over the top brights or heavily saturated tones. 

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