Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Reading Room

With Mark starting to think about buying home, it has me thinking about what it would be like to have complete control over a space-wallpapering the laundry room to make the task less nightmarishly boring,  bathing the bathroom in the candy colors of Heath Ceramics tiles, filling a little backyard garden with plants resilient enough to withstand my black thumb-things that as renters are just not going to happen. One of the dream elements I envision is a built in library, or even better, an entire nook in a house devoted to use as a reading room. Mark and I are both voracious readers and like to hold on to copies of those texts that have moved or entertained us, meaning our collection of books is extensive and well-cherished. There's something about having an entire wall carpeted in books up to the ceiling that I can't get over. Maybe it can seem sort of pretentious-'hey, look at me, I'm not simply literate, I'm positively erudite!' but I think the sheer number of books devoted to zombie apocalypses in our collection balances out the Bell Jar-serious and English Lit. tomes I've held onto since college.

Love the idea of arranging a children's library according to color. 

Sadly, I'm pretty sure this will likely be about the extent of my home library, house or not, so long as we live in the city.

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