Monday, August 15, 2011

Perk Up Even the Blandest of Meals

I found this awesome cutlery DIY here, but like this funkier version even better:

It's the perfect way to display some beautiful antique flatware if you no longer have a complete set or punch up that cheap IKEA stuff-I'd spray a fork and spoon in different colors that pop off each other, like aqua and mustard or turquoise and tomato red, set them in a simple white shadowbox and hang them in the kitchen. Or if you want to get all Kelly Wearstler on the project, spray different full sets different shades, glue them onto fabric, find some ornate frames that will fit them, and use them to fill a wall in the dining room. You could go crazy with all the color combos, experiment with color gradients, who knows? They'd be great for a garden party if you were willing to go to the trouble of getting food safe spray or sealer, too.

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