Monday, August 1, 2011

Mojo Rising

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to the LA Rising concert, which was awesome. It was just the type of rejuvenating experience to get me out of the post-flu funk I'd been in, left over from being sick and detached from real life. Despite a few people who couldn't hold their beer and a weed cloud that got so massive it covered the Coliseum like a blanket, giving the ten of us who weren't smoking a contact high, everything was amazing (except you Lauryn Hill, that was some sloppy performance).

 Like I said, this backdrop was pretty much the best thing about Lauryn Hill's set.

Tommy Trojan next to the porta potties, seemed appropriate (sorry, as a Bruin alumnus I had to go there even if I actually like USC).

 Muse! Totally amazing. Totally entertaining. Perfect.

 They dropped these giant (maybe five foot high) eyeball balloons filled with confetti.

The Coliseum torch blazing just as Rage Against the Machine is about to take the stage.

It was also Mark's birthday Sunday, so I decorated the apartment a bit since I knew he'd be too tired to do anything to really celebrate.

 'Lette macarons, which are hands down the most attractive little dessert bites (and sort of the only sweet thing the mister really likes other than Mexican candy-seriously, he just had five pounds of that stuff delivered to the apartment).

It doesn't hurt that they come in a gorgeous rainbow of colors. The eye candy is matched by the taste though, especially with an offering of unique, delicate flavors like earl grey tea, passion fruit, and pistachio.

Rounding out the weekend, we got this rocker chair delivered (I joke that since I assemble all of our furniture I'm the man in the relationship), and I worked a little bit more on stuff for the Etsy shop I'm hoping to open this month. Sneak peek!

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  1. Nice photos of LA Rising! I had no idea Lauren Hill was there too! Wish I could've been there, I bet it was amazing!