Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I went to the Grove today to finally pick up a little food processor and a crab cracker to make this evening's grilling a bit less messy (summer has meant lots of little crab shells flying all over the apartment) and made the mistake of walking into Anthropologie while Mark checked out Barnes & Noble. I only ever go in there for home goods; you can pick up some beautiful cracked glass coasters, a rainbow of latte bowls, or an owl-print apron without breaking the bank, whereas the clothes...let's just say I'm not shelling out a Benji for a basic grandpa sweater or doily skirt. And I don't have the scratch to buy the things they carry that are seriously gorgeous. Still, the home goods left much to be desired so I quickly walked towards the back to see if they had a nice soap dish since I've been on the lookout for one since we moved into the apartment a year and a half ago. I never made it to the bathroom stuff-I took one glance at the sale rack and-shit- immediately saw the Gryphon dress I had been admiring not two days earlier, on two different gals. I told myself it was fine to go over and look at the price, they never have my size on sale anyway. Shit, again. It they had a small and extra-small and the price was doable. I spent more time trying to find the dressing room than it took me to decide to try on the dress (which in my world means if it fits and looks good, I'm buying it no matter how much I know I'm not supposed to). It fit. It's adorable. The only time I have ever been thankful to have a ridiculously tiny chest because the cut is crazy and wouldn't work on most of the female population.

Cutie Dianna Agron first caught my eye with her pink hair, but my gaze quickly moved south.

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