Monday, November 7, 2011

Brrrring on the Winterwear

On Sunday I worked on a film for twelve hours starting at 7:30am, mostly outdoors all the way up in Valencia while it rained-like all day and evening long. My toesies all but fell off from frostbite and there was nothing so pleasurable as the hot shower I jumped into immediately after getting home. I followed that up today by rolling in to shoot for Glee at 7am. Needless to say, while writing this at 5:30pm I'm ready to go to bed! But more importantly, I had a real wake up call as to the sorry state of my winter accessories. I'm the dummy you see walking around in the rain wearing soggy ballet flats and the same fake, faded pashmina scarf I bought in London for 5 quid six years ago. With a trip to Europe around the corner, it's definitely time to start thinking about some updates!

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