Monday, November 28, 2011

The Only Kind of Cheddar I Love

And it begins: Cheddar decides my lap is the comfiest spot.

Autumn, the calm little calico girl who likes to share the bed when possible.

No Cheddars were harmed in the making of this photograph. Goofball posed like this all on his own under my bicycle!

I get ready to say goodbye to my little foster baby. 

I'm hours away from heading to the airport for my trip to London and Dublin but while my stomach is in knots and I'm worrying about anything I've forgotten or how I can squish another pair of shoes in my too-small suitcase, I'm also missing Cheddar and Autumn, the foster kitties Mark and I somehow ended up with in our too-small apartment for about two months. When we got them, they were tiny. I'm serious-they looked like little kitty aliens with their giant eyes, wobbly legs, and lack of personality and I figured that since I am not particularly crazy about orange and calico cats I'd be fine caring for them and letting them go. Yeah right. That all changed as I got to see their personalities emerge (and the more Cheddar decided we were going to be buddies), and when Saturday morning I took them back to Sante d'Or, the awesome animal rescue where I volunteer, I wanted to bawl (so I did a little bit last night, whatever). These goofy little lovebugs will thankfully be going home together since they are bonded, and who ever gets them better be as balls to the wall awesome as they are! If you live in LA and need a little extra love in your life please consider this wonderful pair.

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  1. ohmygosh you are SO lucky! I would love to do this but I know myself too well: it's hard to let them go once you've got them. Plus, I think my 14 year old kitty has enough to contend with :)