Monday, November 14, 2011

Yet More Things I Will Always Be Obsessed With

Some of my favorites: The Dresden, Red Lion Tavern, Madonna Inn, El Carmen, The Standard Downtown, Bar Lubitsch, etc. 

This jar is getting full fast...

My Japanese treasures. Kawaiiiiiii!

I'm not a pyromaniac or a smoker but I cannot get enough of matchbooks. My great-grandma collected them and I have saved them from my own travels and adventures since I was about 20 years old. They are wonderful little pieces of art, often quirky, and a fun way to track my favorite haunts and destinations. I only save ones from places I've been to but have some ancient ones from a stockpile in Mark's grandparents' house-while I can't imagine a day when Smokey the Bear approved of a National Park putting out matches, they had the Yosemite-issued ones to prove it. Obviously times are a-changin' and matches are harder to come by; when I was in Japan last year I found the world's cutest matches but they didn't come from a hotel, restaurant, or bar. They were in the gift shop of Tokyo's Tobacco and Salt Museum (which is run by a tobacco company and which I went to specifically for these matches-kitty paws and bunny faces people!). I didn't find any matches anywhere else, though. Thankfully, Los Angeles is still replete with places that use them as advertising. Hurrah!

Kitschy Baked Goods.
 Bake Lab cupcake kit turned decor. 

How to keep greedy hands off of your cookies.

I rarely bake, because if I did I'd weigh 500 lbs. but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the science and art that goes into the process. Because I am a planner and am always thinking about the make-believe time when I'll need to bake or have someone to feed my treats to, I do have a few baking supplies, and you know they are not the type of shit you'd find at Williams-Sonoma. I bought this cupcake kit because it was adorable, but until I need deer-studded mini cakes with fabric flags sticking out of them, I let them serve as decor in the kitchen and get some use out of this little cheese cloche I found on Etsy. The ABC cookie cutters are perfect for making gingerbread men and for making their eaters laugh.

 My first pair of heels, Marc by Marc Jacobs snagged on sale and still one of my faves.

Nude Footwear patent and ruffle suede beauties.

Crazy Marc Jacobs shoes I got on eBay. Believe if or not they are pretty comfy. 

If you told me a few years ago that this would make the list, I would have laughed at you. I am still a flats girl-when I'm running errands, I just want to get them over with, not worry about having to add emergency room to the list when I break my ankle. But in the evenings I'm reluctant to go out without heels. I feel like I'm a normal height for once and it's sort of amazing to be able to see people eye to eye. The higher the better! Plus, I love being able to wear shoes that are playful-there are so many ways to re-imagine the heel shape, or if you are crazy like me, wear a pair with backward heels.

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