Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Reminder: You Can Do Eeeeet!

Are you by any chance one of those people who beats yourself up regularly? I sure am. Whether it's my body, my intellect, my tendency to freak out over the smallest things, or whatever, it's easy to be self-critical. That is unless, conversely, you're one of those people who has your head up your own bum and still thinks your ish don't stink. It's been a tough year for me emotionally; I've let things overwhelm me, make me less fun, less happy, and I actually started this here ol' bloggy to help pull me out of the funk. Now that it's November and the year is coming to a close I'm starting to see the light at the end of my personal tunnel of stress. Once this semester of school is over I will just have one class left before graduating, and will have so much more time then to job hunt, do the crappy bill-paying background acting work that's keeping me afloat, overhaul the apartment, and-gulp-even get back to the exercise I have totally abandoned this year. I feel like I'm (unfortunately) the type of person who really needs catalysts to make major changes and this year has been a huge wake up call in terms of my expectations, my weaknesses, and learning to follow Mark's mantra for me of 'take it one thing at a time.' It feels extremely fortuitous that my amazeballs trip to London and Dublin will start during my last week of this semester, so that once I get back emotionally recharged I will have the time to build on that progress. I highly doubt I'll wake up feeling magically wonderful any time soon, but I'm trying to spend more of my days reminding myself to live life with the spirit of the photo above!

Photo of Alexa Chung for Madewell.

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