Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mini Meal Woman

I'm a major snack ho. I'd much rather each a bunch of snacks throughout the day than have proper, sit down, meals. Lately I've been obsessed with both goat cheese and figs. I am probably one of the only people out there that really doesn't care about cheese one way or the other (I, gasp, even think soy cheese is okay so long as it's melted), but the creamy tang of goat cheese is the perfect foil for my annoyingly insatiable sweet tooth and compliment to the veggies like spinach and beets which I love. As for the figs, I had a fig tree growing up and my dad couldn't have paid me to eat one, so who knows where that one has come from. Either way, thankfully the two go perfectly together and after picking up some Feral Honey from local LA bees (take that, allergies!) at  The Village Bakery in Atwater Village, I've been treating myself to a snack that's akin to a simple summer picnic in my mouth. I spread goat cheese on crackers and top with either the honey or this ridiculously tasty fig jam from Girl and the Fig that I picked up at the Cheese Store of Silverlake. Next time I'm out I will pick up some nice peppery, dry salami to take it over the edge.

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