Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Man's Treasure

My dad is moving down to San Diego for a while and renting out my childhood home so I went up to see him this week and help pack. One of the (only) perks about moving is the culling of crap, of which there has been much, but since he's downsizing this also meant having to part with some of his desirable stuff too. Thankfully for me, this means I was the recipient of many of these sweet items, even if my dad was quick to remind me it was only "temporarily." While I was wary of taking much, knowing how little space I have for additional "stuff" and how little desire I have to collect any more clutter, there were some things I was more than happy to find room for. The take (plus a giant jar of coins that I am happily rolling):

I've wanted a Moroccan tea table ever since I was little and grew up with this one. While this is one item dad claims I have to give back, I'm happy to have it for however long I can! I'm also holding onto this antique Moroccan tea pot and Moroccan shabbat candle holders for him. Gotta rep the old country!

Detail of the folding wooden bottom.

I found a couple boxes full of old records-including some by Rolling Stones, Simon and Garfunkel, David Bowie, and the Beatles-and I had to take some of them for nostalgic purposes, even if I don't own a record player. 

Wind chime my dad picked up in Turkey last year and I get to keep! 

One of three antique Moroccan daggers. I wouldn't be surprised if they were modern "made for tourist" versions, but I think they look cool anyway!

Some pillows that are either from Morocco or Israel, which Chloe seems to be fond of. 

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