Monday, January 2, 2012

One-Eyed Gypsy

This time of year is heavenly for me not only because of the holidays (yes, I am one of those people) but because Mark is on a sporadic vacation from work that means we not only get to go on getaways but actually get to go out on little dates together on the weekend. Hurrah-me out on a Friday night with my boyfriend, not at his place of employment! It was, therefore, the perfect chance to check out One-Eyed Gypsy, a newish bar Downtown where Bordello Bar used to be and one that is not open on any of his regular nights off. Owned by the people who opened Villains Tavern, I was hoping for something spectacular. I mean, it's got a weird gypsy/carnival theme, offers free skee ball, and has a photobooth. It would either have to serve me ether alcohol that made me go blind or support cruelty to animals for me not to like the place. It ended up being a distinctly Downtown type of dive bar, which is to say that it was cool and not full of pretentious peeps, but also wasn't quite so mindblowingly unique. The decor was a slightly hodgepodge assortment of carnival and mystical Eastern gypsy theme that could have used some clarity, but they have live music nightly and strong drinks so it's definitely on my list of worthwhile Downtown hangouts, which includes the Down and Out and Bar 107, if you're wondering.

 This taxidermy yak greets people at the bar's entrance.

 Carnival themed food makes up the menu here. Love the idea of sweet potato tater tots!

This band was pretty sweet. Yes, that's an accordion and it was actually awesome to see a band use it as an integral part of their sound. 

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