Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Like When Other People Do My Hair

Life's busy at the moment, so unread blog is low on the totem pole of priorities, but I have to share this photo from work on True Blood yesterday. I was a fangbanger, which for the twelve people out there who don't watch the show, is a human who wants to get bitten or *ahemed* by a vampire. While most people were given outfits, apparently I'm crazy enough to get away with my own wardrobe, because all I was handed was one measly spiked cuff. Though the hair department made up for it by giving me this quasi-beehive 'do, since all tramps from Louisiana looking to get banged by a dead dude wear their hair high...Whatever, I enjoyed it because lord knows I have zero talent doing much with my flat, thin, sad mop of hair!

Sorry for the lack of gothy makeup-14 hours later, I really didn't care if I looked the part anymore.

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