Monday, January 2, 2012


For Christmas Mark's brother and fiance generously got everyone in the family tickets to see Wicked together at the Pantages Theatre. Beforehand we all met at Katsuya for dinner; I was pumped because having been designed by Philippe Starck, it had on my ever-expanding list of restaurants to someday make it to but with little expectation that I ever would get around to it. I should have known from the moment I couldn't figure out how the hell to open the door that I am not cool enough for this place, however. That's okay though, because it's really not cool enough for itself either. The waiter subscribed to the used car salesman mantra of upselling, the decor was (with the exception of the bathroom, of all things) a bit of a letdown, and while I enjoyed my food, it was neither spectacular or particularly memorable. Still, there were some highlights:

At the entrance to the restaurant and bar. 

A rainbow of color on the bar.

One of the house specialties, spicy tuna on crispy rice was like tuna on a hash brown. Not amazing, but satisfying.

The Dragon cocktail, which combined vodka and ginger with yuzu. After trying yuzu juice in Japan, I'll order anything with it! This was tasty. 

The mirrored bathrooms meant endless Ayelets. 

I just love the lip print on this DKNY dress Mark got me for Christmas! 

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